Bank Branch Building

Creating new buildings for banking services
in response to today's needs

Hulic began managing the building that formerly housed Fuji Bank (currently Mizuho Bank) in 1957, and now owns many bank branch buildings in Japan.
By reconstructing one building after another,
Hulic has created all-new properties that combine banking services
with commercial facilities or with leased residential units.

Main properties

Competitive advantages of Hulic's bank branch buildings

The merits of Hulic's bank branch buildings are listed as follows.

  • About 85% of buildings located in the high-demand Tokyo metropolitan area

    Among all buildings owned by Hulic*, about 85% are located in the Tokyo metropolis—an area of high demand—and are mainly concentrated in the city center.
    Data is as of December 31, 2019
    *Excluding properties for sale

  • About 80% of buildings* within a 5-minute walk from nearest station

    Convenient access is a major advantage of Hulic's buildings.
    Data is as of December 31, 2019
    *Based on the total number of properties in the portfolio

  • Safe and earthquake-resistant buildings

    All buildings owned by Hulic have been seismically reinforced to levels surpassing Japan's new earthquake resistance standards, and the latest quake-absorbing, quake-damping, and quake-resistance technologies are adopted for new buildings depending on the site.

  • Higher earnings potential following building reconstruction

    Hulic has been making proactive efforts to reconstruct the owned buildings as a means to expand leased floor space and boost earnings potential.

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