FUFU Atami

The property’s 26 guestrooms feature a private outdoor hot spring bath attached as well as offer extravagant meals and refinedhospitality, making them among the most luxurious of any Japanese-style inn. With the tourism market expected to grow going forward, Hulic determined that these properties offer a great
potential thanks to the growing number of seniors traveling in Japan and increasing traffic from foreign visitors.
(leased to KPG Hotel & RESORT Co., Ltd., an operating subsidiary of Kato
Pleasure Group Co., Ltd. [KPG].)

Building type Ryokans
Address 11-48, Minaguchi-cho, Atami-shi, Shizuoka
Access 8 mins by car from Atami Station, JR Tokaido Line
Type of structure RC
Site area 9,016.76m2
Total floor area 3,257.00m2
Completion of construction 11 / 2007


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