Hulic Ginza Sukiyabashi Building

In a visually prominent and highly convenient location a 1-minute walk from Ginza Subway Station and a 4-minute walk from JR Yurakucho Station in one of Japan’s leading commercial districts, this multipurpose building for retail and office tenants has 4 floors below ground, 11 above ground, and a total floor area of approximately 11,600m2.
The distinctive facade design recalls the “waterside and willow” scenery of the original Ginza-Sukiyabashi Bridge.
All the building’s units have been leased, with Mizuho Bank and GAP as key tenants.
By taking advantage of Chuo Ward’s district planning system to ease restrictions on floor-area ratio and height, the building maximizes the potential of the site. The open space provided at the first-floor level, including areas with free pedestrian access, enriches the urban scene, while the retail stores that have been attracted create animation. Additionally, the 2 below-ground floors connect to the Ginza Subway Station concourse, with escalators and elevators leading to the above-ground floors. This user-friendliness to the elderly and people with disabilities is part of measures designed to increase utility to the local area.

Building type Office buildings, Bank branch buildings, Commercial buildings
Address 4-2-11, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Access 1 min walk from Ginza Station, Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line, and other lines
Number of floors 11F / B4
Type of structure S / SRC / RC
Site area 961.36m2
Total floor area 11,569.86m2
Completion of construction 3 / 2011

Typical floor overview

Typical floor area 516.79m2


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