Concept and Systems of CSR

Corporate Philosophy and Basic Stance

Basic Principles of Corporate Conduct

The Basic Principles of Corporate Conduct, which concretely describes our Basic Stance in an easy-to-understand manner from a company viewpoint, underlies our decision-making in business.

  1. Awareness of Corporate Social Responsibility
    Contribute to domestic and overseas economies and stable development of society by devoting ourselves to sound business based on self-responsibility and fulfilling our social missions.
  2. Practice of Customer-first Policy
    Treat customers faithfully and kindly, listen to their requests with sincerity and provide sophisticated, efficient and high-quality services.
  3. Faithful and Fair Conducts
    Always act with sincerity and fairness in compliance with laws and regulations, their spirits, as well as social norms. Decisively confront anti-social forces threatening the order and stability of a civil society.
  4. Contribution to and Harmony with the Society
    Contribute to social development and improvement through the appropriate use of our fundamental functions. While being aware of responsibilities as good corporate citizens, commit ourselves to corporate conducts in accordance with the social common sense and expectations through close communication with society.
  5. Respect for Humanity
    Build an organizational culture full of respect for humanity and that values comfort and well-being, such that people can work with high motivation and an open-heart.

Our Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct, which concretely describes our Basic Stance in an easy-to-understand manner from the viewpoint of each employee, underlies actions our directors and employees should take.

  1. Respect for human rights, prohibition of discrimination and sexual harassment
  2. Compliance with laws, regulations, and rules
  3. Sincere and fair execution of business
  4. Appropriate management of information
  5. Regulations of insider training
  6. Insulation from anti-social forces
  7. Concern for environmental conservation
  8. Maintenance and stimulation of optimal communication
  9. Respect for intellectual property rights
  10. Prohibition of bribery, rules regarding entertainment and gift-giving
  11. Transparency of transactions, rules to ensure rational transactions

CSR Vision

Establishing the Medium-term Management Plan in November 2006, we also approved and resolved our "CSR Vision" as a basic stance in promoting our CSR activities at the Board of Directors meeting. The practice of Corporate Philosophy advocating the social contribution through business is inextricably linked with the promotion of CSR activities. Therefore, the CSR Vision was established, with the awareness that it is essential to affirm and clearly state the basic stance in order to formulate and execute the medium-term management plan.

Relationships between the Philosophical Frameworks and our CSR Vision

Our Corporate Philosophy is "Creating Amenity. Promoting Peace of Mind.," which means the reason why Hulic exists is to contribute to society through developing our business activities. Accordingly, achieving our Corporate Philosophy fulfills a social responsibility, and the CSR Vision (basic policy) and the Corporate Philosophy are two sides of the same coin. The Basic Stance which is derived from the Corporate Philosophy, the Basic Principles of Corporate Conduct which embodies our Basic Stance, and Our Code of Conduct, always have our CSR Vision as their basis.

The Relation between Management Strategy and CSR

We think of our management strategy and CSR as one. In the Medium-term Management Plan, we are attempting to raise the level of the CSR management system.

Link: The Medium-term Management Plan

CSR Promotion Systems

Establishment of the CSR Committee

Hulic has established a CSR Committee in order to combine and align its CSR-related initiatives with its business activities. It is essential for management personnel to be involved in boosting the level of CSR initiatives in the medium and long-term while striking a balance between CSR-related measures and business activities. Therefore, the CSR Committee is chaired by the President, consists of Senior Executive Managing Officers, the General Manager of the Business Planning and Management Department, the General Manager of the Real Estate Planning Department and the General Manager of the Property Development Department. The Committee is held annually in principle, and as needed. Company-wide CSR activities are performed in accordance with the basic policy decided by the CSR Committee. To be more specific, the Committee formulates various kinds of policies concerning Company-wide CSR activities and an annual CSR schedule, sets concrete numerical targets, and considers and deliberates diverse proposals made by employees, etc. Like this, in the Committee as a place to practically implement CSR management, there are a lot of active discussions.
Activities of the CSR Committee are reported to Board of Directors on a regular basis.

Summary of CSR Committee Meeting

The 12th Meeting (September 2018) - Fiscal year 2017 performance/CSR plan for 2019/Areas of improvement
The CSR Committee discussed the change in CO2 emissions intensity, and initiatives for reduction of waste, etc. Based on the discussions, the committee decided the CSR Plan for 2019.

CSR Promotion Systems

Activities of CSR Supporters

Approximately 20 employees are appointed from Hulic Group companies as CSR supporters. They are relieved by other members after completing a one-year term. The CSR Supporter Committee, where CSR supporters meet, discusses mainly CSR-related matters for the entire Company and determines the policy and details of CSR activities. They are also actively engaged in volunteer activities including flowerbed maintenance and sorting out used stamps collected from each group company for donation.

Donation of Used Postal Stamps to Developing Countries
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