Biodiversity/Encouraging Greening

Fundamental Approach

Hulic is carrying out initiatives that increase biodiversity in order to create urban spaces that are in harmony with the environment.

《Results in FY2018》

Number of greening projects: 9 projects (Target: properties completed in 2018)

Biodiversity Guideline

Hulic recognizes the importance of biodiversity's impact for the living environment, and in order to contribute to biodiversity, we have created the Declaration of Biodiversity Conservation and made this known to all of our organizations.

Approaches to JHEP Certification

Hulic carries out efforts to conserve and restore local vegetation as part of its reconstruction projects for company-owned properties from the standpoint of safeguarding biodiversity.
Our approach to biodiversity and many projects have received high praise within the JHEP certification program operated by the Ecosystem Conservation Society - Japan.

Representative Properties

Greening Initiatives

We have put emphasis on greening which can effectively ease the heat-island phenomenon as a part of our measures against global warming. Proactively planting trees and plants on premises, we provide places where people living in the town can relax. Our greening projects aim to create lush green urban spaces and to harmonize with nature while considering biodiversity. In addition, we have jointly developed with other companies and commercialized thin-layered wall greening system that can be easily introduced to the existing buildings.

Greening on Rooftops and Premises/ Greening on Walls

It is possible to achieve energy-saving effects such as reducing air conditioning loads and improving heat insulation performance by blocking sunlight with roof greening to prevent heat accumulation in concrete. As for greening of office buildings, we take the improvement of scenery, the condition of the location, ease of repairs, and vegetation that can withstand strong winds as our main considerations when selecting a plant. Covering a building exterior with plants, wall greening can be a countermeasure against the heat-island effect by utilizing the transpiration effect. In addition, as it improves the amenities of the building, soothing effects for people walking on the street are also expected.

Initiatives at Shinagawa Season Terrace (Joint Project)

Shinagawa Season Terrace is a joint project involving Hulic, NTT Urban Development Corporation, Taisei Construction Corporation, and Tokyo City Development Co., Ltd. The creation of extensive green space spreading to the approximately 3.5 hectare site for generating communication and an active community has earned a great deal of praise. It received certification in fiscal year 2014 from the Organization for Landscape and Urban Green Infrastructure's Social and Environmental Green Evaluation System (SEGES) as a development project that contributes to society and the environment through greenery conservation and creation (SEGES urban development).

Case Study HULIC Residence Shin-Ochanomizu (Completed in December 2018)

Located about one-minute by foot from Shin-Ochanomizu Station on the Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line, this property is an urban residential complex that offers great convenience.
Facing Hongo-dori, the property is an expression of the everchanging Surugadai of the future featuring a sharp, futuristic exterior design. At the same time, the textured materials, including green walls and natural stone, provide a gentle welcome to tenants.
We also constructed a rooftop greening terrace where tenants can enjoy seasonal plants and form a community.

Initiatives at the Hulic Head Office Building

On the rooftop garden of Hulic Head Office Building, seven kinds of plants including Canarian ivy and Evergold were used to cover the wall surface, surrounding terrace benches for approximately 20 people, as measures against the heat-island effect use a transpiration effect. With this green wall over approximately 106㎡, the rooftop garden is a space where employees can relax and rest, and feeling the nature while working in Tokyo.

Initiatives for Expansion of the Hulic Head Office Building

On the rooftop of the expanded building of the Hulic Head office, whose construction was completed in March 2017, various trees such as European privet, Japanese boxwood, agapanthus, fuiriyaburan, and gazania have been planted. In addition, we have placed wooden decks and grown a lawn on the floor so that the rooftop serves as a place for building users to relax and enjoy themselves.

Initiatives at Hulic Shinjuku Building(Completed in October 2014)

At the Hulic Shinjuku Building, we have set up green walls along the west side of the property facing MOA 3rd street. We are taking care to create a green atmosphere despite being in the heart of the city, in an attempt to calm the minds of the people in the local area. We have also set up green spaces on the roof to help mitigate the heat island phenomenon.

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