Environmental Accounting

We have introduced environmental accounting since 2011, and publicized the result in our CSR Report, in order to conduct efficient and effective environmental conservation activities by understanding the costs to protect the environment in business activities, as well as the effects of these activities. Hulic has established the target to reduce total CO2 emissions from all of its office buildings by 45% compared to 2013 levels by the year 2030, and to that end, we have actively implemented a number of environmental measures. By linking this CO2 reduction plan and our environmental measures, we expect to achieve even more effective investments in energy conservation. Managing figures to understand what kinds of effects could be obtained from which investment makes it possible to effectively allocate budgets for environmental investments in subsequent years.

Environmental Accounting Report for FY2017

Reporting Period From January 1, 2017 to December 31, 2017
Scope 55 key buildings of Hulic Co., Ltd.
Calculation method Calculated based on “Environmental Accounting Guidelines 2005 (the Ministry of Environment)”
Standards for calculation Company expenditures on depreciable assets for the purpose of environmental conservation. “Cost amounts” are portions of the Company's overall expenses and are the amounts used for the purpose of environmental conservation. Cost amounts do not include depreciation costs.

(unit: thousand yen)

Environmental Conservation Cost Contents of Major Activities (in FY2017)
Categories Investment Amounts Cost Amounts
(1)Business area cost 163,056 12,517  
Breakdown (1)-1 Pollution prevention cost 0 0 *1 
(1)-2 Global environmental conservation cost 160,256 10,939 Energy saving design introduced with reconstruction of Hulic's buildings/Renovation of Hulic's buildings for energy conservation/Maintenance for mega solar power plant projects
(1)-3 Resource recycling cost 2,800 1,578 Recycling documents
(2)Upstream/downstream cost 0 265 Cost for recycling toner cartridges
(3)Administration cost 0 8,517 Plant/vegetation maintenance costs/Preparation of CSR Report/ Ads related to Hulic's environmental efforts
(4)R&D cost 0 882 Development of energy-saving systems layered green wall
(5)Social activity cost 0 1,231 Activities to conserve secondary forests
(6)Environmental remediation cost 0 0  
Total 163,056 23,412  
  • *1Pursuant to relevant laws and regulations, appropriate effluent treatment and measurement of gas emission were conducted, but costs were not calculated.
Effects of Environmental Conservation
Contents of Effects
Environmental Load Index
FY2017 FY2016 FY2017-
Base year
Power consumption per unit floor area
146.7 136.4 10.3 160.9
Gas consumption per unit floor area
3.8 4.0 - 0.2 3.6
CO2 emissions (electricity + gas)
per unit floor area (kg-CO2/㎡)
80.7 77.7 1.0 68.4
Water consumption per unit floor area
0.8 0.8 0.0 1.0
Waste generated per unit floor area
8.5 10.2 - 1.7 7.5
Solar power generation amount
147,382 146,669 713 -
  • *Occupancy rate is not taken into account in the calculation of basic unit per floor area.
  • *The scope of waste generated per unit floor area includes only the Hulic Head Office Building. The base year is fiscal year 2008.
  • *For city gas, the CO2 emissions coefficient of the "Manual for Calculations and Reports of GHG Emissions" issued by the Ministry of the Environment and the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry is used. For electric power, an actual emissions coefficient used by the power supplier of the relevant building is used.
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