Environmental Concept

Hulic Environmental Policy

We have formulated an environmental policy that embodies our CSR vision, and practice management that gives consideration to the environment.

Consideration for Sustainability in Real Estate Development and Investment

Hulic is committed not only to sustainable real estate investment in accordance with the “Basic Principles of Corporate Conduct” and “Our Code of Conduct”, but has also formulated separate regulations on managing real estate purchases and development.
When conducting an investigation of the acquisition of real estate, Hulic always carries out statutory investigations and conduct studies on natural environment, specified hazardous substances, and the presence of underground obstacles. In negotiations with communities, we provide explanations to those who live nearby after conducting sufficient investigations and simulations on the impact on the surrounding living environment so that we can gain their understanding.
When outsourcing design and project management or ordering construction work, we generally hire companies with the solid technologies, credibility, and track records. In addition, when reconstructing and developing real estate, we issue instructions on environmentally friendly designs and check whether environmentally friendly designs are adopted at the basic designing stage, implemental designing stage, and completion stage.


Ranked 1st in the Real Estate/ Warehouse Industry for the Ninth Consecutive Year in the “Environmental Management Survey”

  1. Environmental Management Survey
    The "Environmental Management Survey," which is a survey that has been annually conducted by Nikkei Inc. since 1997, announces rankings of companies excellent in their approach to environmental management based on each company's answers to a questionnaire. Hulic has ranked first earning full marks in the category of warehouse, real estate and others for nine consecutive years.
  2. Our main initiatives evaluated by the Environmental Management Survey
    Hulic's establishment of targets to reduce CO₂ emissions and construction of eco-friendly buildings to achieve these targets as well as its proactive investment in renewable energy were recognized as “measures against global warming,” while our system for incorporating external expert opinions by the Environmental Advisory Council were evaluated as “systems to promote environmental management.” As for “resource recycling,” our achievements in reducing waste emissions and water usage at our buildings and efforts to develop long lasting buildings that can be continually used for 100 years were recognized, while under “pollution measures/biodiversity,” our work to develop properties that contribute to the conservation of local biodiversity while utilizing the JHEP certification program was praised.
    Our continuing strong recognition through this survey has served to motivate us even further in integrating our conservation of the environment and company growth through environmental management.
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