Situation of Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Energy Consumption and CO2 Emissions at Hulic's Buildings

In tandem with our business expansion, we increased the number of properties to be included in this report since 2015. With the increasing target properties, we aim to further promote energy-saving activities. We will work proactively toward our goal of reducing CO2 emissions by 45% from 2013 by 2030.

* Energy consumption from gas use in 2017 was revised from 31,516GJ, and Scope 1 emissions (gas) were revised from 1,573t-CO2 after a careful review of the gas agreements subject to aggregation.

Promoting Initiatives Across the Entire Value Chain

The Hulic Group promotes environmentally friendly processes across the entire value chain which covers from acquisition, development, reconstruction, and leasing to management and maintenance of properties.
In addition, the Hulic Group calculates not only its own emissions (Scope 1 and Scope 2), but also indirect emissions related to its business activities (Scope 3) to broadly understand and lower greenhouse gas emissions across the entire value chain.

Green Procurement Initiatives

Hulic is working to reduce environmental impacts throughout all of our operations, and we ask our business partners, including suppliers, to cooperate with the following green procurement policy:

1. To engage in energy-saving activities and reduce GHG emissions;
2. To reduce the amount of water consumption as much as possible;
3. To carry out a biodiversity-friendly business;
4. To fully prevent environmental pollution; and
5. To make efforts to save resources and reduce the amount of waste.

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