Diversity and Human Resources

Fundamental Approach

We respect human rights and proactively take advantage of diversity in our business. We aim to foster a workplace in which all employees can make the best use of their abilities.

《Results in FY2018》

  • Ratio of female managers: 18.5%

Diversity: Message from the Management

Ever since being listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, Hulic has consistently recorded all-time high profits.
Now that a decline in the working population is unavoidable, we believe it is essential for diverse human assets to reach their full potential in order for Hulic to continue plotting and achieving its story of steady growth into the future.

To this end, based on a commitment to diversity and inclusion, our only job grades are career-track positions to enable our employees to work without any gender distinctions, and our new graduate recruitment is now almost half male and half female. Nevertheless, sometimes employees need to leave their jobs for a certain period of time due to life events and sometimes they struggle to balance work and home life when they return to their jobs. Hulic has focused efforts on improving the systems such as establishing nursery facilities located in our office and childcare leave so that this struggle does not form a barrier.
As a result of these efforts, we achieved the target of increasing the ratio of female managers to 20% by the year 2020, which was the target of First Action Plan Based on the Act on Promotion of Women’s Participation and Advancement in the Workplace,one year ahead of schedule.
We also make active efforts aimed at career development for women and we have been enhancing the training and follow up required to achieve the new target of increasing the ratio of female managers to 25% by 2024 and 30% by 2029 every year.

Changes in the Ratio of Female Managers and Plan Figures

  FY2019 FY2020 FY2021 FY2022 FY2023 FY2024
Roadmap 20% 20.5% 21.5% 21.5% 23.0% 25.0%
Results 21.1% (※) - - - - -

as of July 2019

We also put efforts into employment for persons with severe disabilities, who have limited employment opportunities. We have established the Hulic Suginami Office, a dedicated work space at Hulic Ogikubo Building, where persons with disabilities carry out operations as our employees.
We are particularly aware of supporting independence. Activities include working steadily from 9:15 – 16:15, learning how to use PCs in work breaks, and taking part in family tours at our head office once a year. I myself also visit Ogikubo each year to exchange opinions with everyone in the office.

Changes in the Employment Rate of Persons with Disabilities and Plan Figures

  FY2016 FY2017 FY2018 FY2019 FY2020
Roadmap - - - 2.32% 2.40%
Results 2.21% 2.11% 2.41% - -

We believe that it is essential for management to disseminate information actively so that Hulic employees work together to promote these initiatives. We communicate the importance of diversity management through the dissemination of the Message from the President once a month, the implementation of the President’s Questionnaire Survey every six months, and periodic dinner meetings with employees. We are raising internal awareness in collaboration with the diversity promotion project team (the former women’s career promotion project team) launched in 2010 under the direct supervision of the President.
Our employees will work together to achieve diversity and inclusion, without any complacency about efforts to date.

Respect for Human Rights

The Company has established the Hulic Human Rights Policy, which proclaims respect for human rights so that all employees can maximize their abilities and contribute to the realization of a “society full of peace of mind and trust.” In our Human Rights Policy, we declare that we prohibit any acts of discrimination and harassment, as well as any discrimination against any person on the ground of his or her beliefs, religion, age, sex, sexual orientation, race, nationality, origin, physical or mental disorder, etc. We also prohibit any act, including sexual harassment or abuse of authority, to inflict emotional distress on any person through language or behavior that damages his or her character or dignity. Respect for human rights encompasses all fundamental human rights found in the Constitution, Labor Standards Act, and Universal Declaration of Human Rights, as well as human rights related to equal employment, prohibition of forced labor and child labor, freedom of association, and collective bargaining stipulated in the ILO's international labor standards.
In 2018, Hulic posted on its intranet regarding the themes of “LGBT” and “Sexual harassment,” etc.
In addition, we held a seminar on changes in work style as part of compliance training for our directors and general managers.

*LGBT is a collective acronym for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender.

The Hulic Human Rights Policy

① Prohibition of discrimination

We prohibit any discrimination against any person on the ground of his or her belief, religion, age, sex, sexual orientation, race, nationality, origin, physical or mental disability, etc.

② Prohibition of harassment

We prohibit any act, including sexual harassment or abuse of authority, to inflict emotional distress on any person by language or behavior that damages his or her character or dignity.

③ Prohibition of child labor

We prohibit any child labor.

④ Prohibition of forced labor

We prohibit any forced labor carried out through violent acts or intimidation.

⑤ Respect for the right of freedom of association and right of collective bargaining

In line with international labor standards, we respect the right of freedom of association and right of collective bargaining.

⑥ Reduction of excessive working hours

In addition to ensuring compliance with labor-management agreements, including the 36 Agreement and laws and regulations of relevant countries and regions, we adopt basic policies to reduce overtime work and limit excessive work.

⑦ Securing of health and safety of workers

In accordance with laws and regulations of relevant countries and regions, including the Labor Standards Act, we endeavor to offer a workplace where workers can work healthily and safely.

⑧ Payment of wages over minimum wage

We pay wages over minimum wages prescribed in various local laws and regulations as well as the Minimum Wage Act.

Promoting Female Empowerment

Hulic's basic approach is for the work of individual relations employees to be aligned with their abilities, aptitudes, and personalities, enabling individual employees to make the most of their abilities and the Company to operate a high valueadded business with less manpower. For this reason we see it as essential to provide opportunities to all employees irrespective of gender and, in particular, we are strengthening initiatives for the career development of women. The women's career promotion project team has been conducting activities regularly since 2010 with themes such as improving work-life balance and career development. In 2016, we received the highest certification as an “Eruboshi” company under the Act on Promotion of Women's Participation and Advancement in the Workplace, and were selected as a “Nadeshiko” Brand. In 2017, we received the Minister of State for Gender Equality Award of the “Commendation for Leading Companies Where Women Shine” hosted by the Cabinet Office.
In 2018, we also engaged in activities with a focus on organizing the “Science and Engineering Challenge (Riko-challe)” events in cooperation with the Cabinet Office, Keidanren and the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.
In October 2018, we organized an in-house seminar on the topic of career paths for woman, and held round-table talk on the topic of personnel evaluation system and career paths for woman. Furthermore, an annual meeting between the women's participation promotion project team and President as the manager is being held to create opportunities for female employees to share their thoughts and concerns with the President of the Company.

Seminar for female employees

Formulation of Action Plan Based on the Act on Promotion of Women’s Participation and Advancement in the Workplace(2nd period)

This Action Plan was formulated in order to enable female employees to strike a balance between their careers and child-raising, and to allow them to exert their capabilities and develop their careers in various divisions of the company.

In fiscal year 2016, Hulic affirmed the “Declaration on action by a group of male leaders who will create a Society in which women shine” and received the highest-level “Eruboshi” certification from the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare as an excellent company taking initiatives to promote women’s participation and advancement in the workplace.

Selected as “Nadeshiko” Brand 2016

From the standpoint of empowering female employees and helping employees improve their career skills, we are working to transform our organizational structure, develop an employee-friendly work environment, and further enhance our benefit programs. In particular, we have put efforts into estabishing a top-class system for fostering future generations, with the aim of ensuring that female employees are able to continue to play active roles in the company while raising their children after childbirth. In recognition of these activities, Hulic was named the Nadeshiko Brand for the second year in a row and selected as the Nadeshiko Brand 2016.

Employment of Diverse Human Resources

Participating in the joint declaration on the charter of corporate ethics concerning employment issued by Keidanren (Japan Business Federation), we proactively employ new graduates in accordance with the purpose of the charter. When performing pre-employment screening, we respect the basic human rights of applicants and make efforts to secure diverse human resources based on their aptitudes and abilities, regardless of backgrounds and gender. The total number of employees newly hired in 2018 (the total of the number of new graduates and experienced individuals) is 20 (male: 12, female: 8); the proportion of women is 40.0%. The ratio of female managers has increased as a result of active efforts to promote the active participation and advancement of female employees in the workplace, with an enhanced system to support the development of the next generation. Hulic aims to become a company where female employees can thrive professionally with the target of increasing the ratio of female managers to 20% by the year 2020,which was achived one year ahead of schedule,and we set new targets.

Establishing Good Labor-Management Relations

Hulic's “Our Code of Conduct” and Hulic Human Rights Policy stipulate respect for human rights in association with equal employment opportunities, freedom of association, and collective bargaining.In addition, we conduct interviews between employees and their supervisors when necessary and carry out the “President Questionnaire Survey,” through which employees can share their views and opinions directly with the President, in an effort to establish good labor management relations.
Various opinions and requests were received from employees in response to the President Questionnaire Survey and, in fact, work is being carried out based on those responses to create a more comfortable workplace, including the construction of a bicycle parking lot at the head office.

Efforts Regarding Salaries

The Hulic Human Rights Policy prescribes that we pay wages over minimum wage prescribed in various local laws and regulations as well as the Minimum Wage Act.

Promoting Employment of the Disabled

The Hulic Suginami Office marked its 11th anniversary, and as of June 2018, Hulic's employment rate of persons with disabilities was 2.41% on a consolidated basis and 5.74% on a non-consolidated basis. Currently, seven employees with disabilities, instructors with experience in coaching, and a chief administrator are working at the Hulic Suginami Office, where they carry out operations, such as the dispatch of direct mail. A monthly meeting with the human resources team of the Head Office is held to ensure that operations integrated with the head office are being put into practice. In recognition of our activities to play a leading role in employing persons with disabilities and proactively develop their abilities, Hulic has been certified as an excellent corporation in employing the disabled in Tokyo since September 2010. We will make efforts to improve the workplace so that people with disabilities can feel a sense of worth in their work.

* Figures marked with “” are those that have been assured by an independent assurance provider.

Employment System for Seniors

We have introduced a reemployment system for seniors in accordance with the revised Act on Stabilization of Employment of Elderly Persons. Under this system, we rehire any employee that has reached the mandatory retirement age but who wishes to continue working until the age of 65.
In 2010, we made changes to our reemployment system. For example, systems of staggered commuting and a half-day leave were introduced for rehired employees. They can use leave and absence systems almost equal to the ones for active employees. We expect a variety of knowledge and expertise to be inherited through communication beyond generations between senior employees with abundant knowledge and experience and younger employees.

Job Return System

Hulic has instituted a job return system that allows employees who left the Company due to marriage, giving birth, childcare, caring for a family member, or other unavoidable reasons, to return to their same job within a five year period with the same compensation and benefits as before. The purpose of this system is to support a balance between work and childcare as advocated in the Act on Advancement of Measures to Support Raising the Next Generation and to secure human resources that have wide-ranging experience and a depth of professional knowledge.

Promoting Communication between Diverse Employees

Hulic is run by a small workforce, which enables a distinctively close distance between each employee, as well as between top management and foremen. The company-wide activities are transmitted to all employees through the "Message from the President" every month. This message makes it possible to understand what other departments are working on, stimulating the horizontal communication beyond the borders of departments.
In addition, the “Top Seminar” is held once a month, and the “President Questionnaire” is conducted semi-annually. The “Top Seminar” targets employees below the age of 40, and is an informal monthly gathering of the President and about 10 employees of the same age.
The “President Questionnaire” is a communication tool, allowing employees to offer opinions directly to the President. Employees submit their opinions in a designated form to an in-house post box, and the President replies to these opinions. Various suggestions of employees on our businesses and in-house systems have been adopted and put into practice.

Management of Risks regarding Labor and Human Rights Issues

We endeavor to prevent violation of laws related to labor and occurrence of accidents. Although risks of child labor and forced labor are low at Hulic as we have developed a highly specialized business mainly in Tokyo, we declare that we do not permit any form of child labor or forced labor. In order to prevent such labor, we regularly audit compliance with laws in employment management and also provide compliance education, including regarding the prevention of child labor and forced labor, to employees.

Occupational Safety and Health

In promoting the creation of comfortable workplaces, we give first priority to the securing of safety and health and endeavor to secure employees' health and safety by engaging in various efforts. While we have not obtained certifications such as OHSAS18001, we secure occupational safety under our own system by regularly conducting risk assessment and improving issues. The number of accidents occurred in 2018 was zero (zero in 2017) and no accidents that require time off from work or fatal accidents occurred in the past three years (rate of occurrence was 0%).
We will continuously promote the improvement of the level of occupational safety and health in the workplace.

Received the 29th "Commendation for Leading Companies Where Women Shine"

In 2017, we received Minister of State for Gender Equality Award of the 2017's “Commendation for Leading Companies Where Women Shine" hosted by the Cabinet Office for advanced companies which have excellent policies, initiatives, and actual results of appointment of women and made excellent disclosure thereof.

Stance on Human Resource Development

Hulic's ordinary income per employee is over 400 million yen. This is the highest level among listed companies. We assume that this figure has been accomplished because we are a small group of elite professionals. Currently, many of our employees are licensed professionals such as lawyers, cer tified public accountants, real estate appraisers, and first-class registered architects. Furthermore, with the aim of enhancing their professional skills, employees are recommended to obtain two or more qualifications by the time they reach the age of 30. In 2017, we clarified a road map to obtain qualifications so that employees can obtain the same more systematically. The costs for obtaining qualifications are fully covered by the Company.

Satisfaction Survey of In-house Training Participants

Hulic conducts questionnaire surveys for participants in English conversation class and training for new graduates and employees in their second and third year at Hulic, with the aim of improving training contents. After completion of each training program, the participants evaluate contents of training and a level of satisfaction with lecturers on a scale of one to five, and submit opinions on improvement proposals. Efforts are made to improve contents of training, using collected opinions of participants.

Providing Internship Program

We provide an internship program intended for understanding of the industry and work for undergraduate and graduate students at the Hulic Head Office Building. We offer a program where the participants can learn about the real estate business and Hulic's identity through acquiring knowledge of real estate developer’s affairs and verifying projects. In fiscal year 2018, 60 students participated.

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