Health and Productivity Management

Promoting Health and Productivity

Based on the idea that employees’ good health is essential for improving productivity and growth of the company, Hulic is promoting the creation of employee-friendly work environments in which employees can continue to work with enthusiasm and energy in good health.
Hulic formulated the “Hulic Health Management Declaration” described below to implement comprehensive health management.

Hulic Health Management Declaration

Hulic is creating a workplace environment that enables all employees to stay healthy and make the most of their abilities, and aims to achieve sustainable growth by encouraging each employee to deliver high quality and value with professional competence.
Based on this philosophy, Hulic regards maintaining and promoting the health of employees as a management issue, and implements health management to remain “a highly productive organization,” while furthering measures it has taken for promoting employees’ health.

Manabu Yoshidome
President, Representative Director
Hulic Co., Ltd.

The followings are Hulic’s major measures for maintaining and promoting employees’ health.

Conducting health Checkups that exceed legal requirements

  • We implement an annual health checkup that is fully paid by the company and equivalent to a comprehensive medical examination, with a wide lineup of optional examinations such as neck ultrasonography, colonoscopies, and gynecological checkups.
    The time required for each health checkup is regarded as working hours.
  • “100% medical check-up rate” is our target, which is continuously achieved. From 2018, new targets that “ 100% medical re-check-up rate・participation rate of specific health guidance “ were added.
    Message from management to recommend the participation of such check-up and follow-up by HR member in charge of health management were delivered.
  • Moreover, in order to promote health management of employees, occupational health physician looks through the results of all employees, interview and provide health guidance for specific employees. In addition, consultation system about health issues is established.
  • As infection control measure, employees can take flu vaccination before epidemic, antibody test and vaccination of rubella.

Health and Productivity Management Promotion system

Health and Productivity Management Promotion system

  • Health Committee
  • Health and Productivity Management Follow-up Meeting

President is a chief executive in charge of health management, HR manager and general manager of each department are designated as a leader in health promoted activity.
The Health Committee and The Health and Productivity Management Follow-up Meeting , which consist of the HR manager and the members elected from among employees every year, hold monthly meetings in principle to promote employees’ health and safety. Our industrial doctor attends all Committee meetings to provide advice and guidance on healthcare. The Health Committee and The Health and Productivity Management Follow-up Meeting members discuss the status of use of paid leave and overtime work of employees, and the matters discussed by the Committee are reported to the board members. The matters are utilized for improving internal systems and goal setting. Also, important matters reported to the Health Committee such as the status of use of paid leave, overtime work of employee and status of taking medical checkups are reported to the Risk Management Committee which is headed by the president and the Risk Management Committee will discuss the matters.

Mental Healthcare

We implement mental health care in cooperation with medical institutions. We help employees, who are diagnozed as requiring special medical examinations and treatment, find specialists or specialized medical institution partners. In 2016, we started to perform stress check tests on all employees to prevent them from suffering from mental disorders.

Measurement to stop smoking

For health promotion and stopping passive smoking of employees, we implement enlightenment activities including complete separation of smoking area from non-smoking rooms, delivering message from health insurance association and post a notice about no smoking. From 2019, initiatives including full cost subsidiary for employees who try to quit smoking and setting up the non-smoking time are begun.

Health promotion program

In order to improve health awareness, we have installed blood pressure monitors and body composition meters in the company's common areas, and we support the promotion of employee health by providing some support for sports club usage fees.

Free breakfast and lunch

In order to publicize the importance of regular dietary intake, we support healthy food habits at cafeteria (providing healthy lunch and calorie display of food & drink menu) .

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