Corporate Governance

Fundamental Approach

Hulic Group recognizes that it is an important business issue to build a corporate governance system with fully functioning “risk management,” “compliance,” and “internal control.” We intend to sincerely execute business, fulfilling accountability to stakeholders.

《Results in FY2018》

  • Number of internal audits conducted: 9 times
  • Participation rate in the Board of Directors' Meeting: 98%

Corporate Governance Guidelines

We set a "Corporate Governance Guidelines" to keep best corporate governance system.

Link: Corporate Governance Guidelines

Corporate Governance System

The Board of Directors meets once a month in principle, and holds further meetings as needed. The Board of Directors is comprised of 10 directors, of which four are independent External Directors designated and reported as independent directors based on the stipulations of the Tokyo Stock Exchange (as of July 2019). Three out of five Audit & Supervisory Board Members are independent External Audit & Supervisory Board Members designated and reported as independent auditors as specified above (as of July 2019). Directors determine important matters concerning Hulic's business activities, including CSR, and supervise the execution of duties. In March 2012, Hulic appointed its first female external director, and since then we have been promoting multifaceted business management based on diversity.

Audit Structure

We have adopted the Audit & Supervisory Board system. Of Hulic's five Audit & Supervisory Board members (two are full-time auditors), three are external auditors as stipulated in the Companies Act and the Ordinance for Enforcement of the Companies Act (as of September 2019).
In accordance with the audit basic policy and the audit basic plan formulated by the Board of Auditors, Audit & Supervisory Board members execute duties through attendance at Board of Directors meetings, attend the management conference, hold hearings about status of execution of duties, and review important documents. Additionally, they receive reports of audit results regularly from the accounting auditor (Ernst & Young Shin Nihon LLC) and the Corporate Audit Department charged with internal audits, as well as sharing and exchanging information as needed to heighten the effectiveness and efficiency of audits conducted by these three parties.

Corporate Governance System Chart (As of September 2019)

Establishment of the CSR Committee and CSR Supporters

Hulic set up the CSR Committee, with, President, Senior Executive Managing Officers, and related departments under them serving as members. Also, 1 CSR Supporter is selected each year from each unit of around 15 people, as we encourage CSR activities among all employees.

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