Supporting Employees to Conduct Social Contribution Activities

Fundamental Approach

To fulfill our social responsibilities we work to resolve social problems, leading to the sustained development of the entire society. Further, we proactively support each employee to participate in social contribution activities.

《Results in FY2018》

  • Social contribution by employees: 6items

Matching Gift Program

Launching the matching gift program in June 2008, Hulic established the “Hulic Fureai Fund,” which deducts 100 yen every month from the salary of employees who want to take part in the program (300 yen for directors), and donates the collected money to organizations selected by majority vote of all employees. Hulic, Hulic Insurance Service, Hulic Building Management, and Hulic Proserve have worked together on this activity. We will continue the donation activities, providing opportunities of social contribution to employees who cannot make the first step despite being interested in it.

The 10th Donation to OISCA

In 2018, we donated a total of 1.4 million yen to The Organization for Industrial, Spiritual and Cultural Advancement (OISCA, nonprofit incorporated association). OISCA is an organization engaged in rural development and environmental conservation activities, primarily in the Asia-Pacific region. In Japan, it is engaged in educational activities through such means as holding handson agriculture and forestry seminars as well as environmental conservation activities that include planting trees and maintaining forests. This time, we chose to make a donation to the Coastal Forest Regeneration Project from among their many activities.

Past Donations

The 1st Donation (2009): WWF Japan 800,000 yen in total
The 2nd Donation (2010): Aladdin Caregiver Support Network Center 620,000 yen in total
The 3rd Donation (2011): Doctors of the World Japan (MEDECINS DU MONDE JAPON) 620,000 yen in total
The 4th Donation (2012): Nonprofit Organization Kokkyo naki Kodomotachi (KnK) 800,000 yen in total
The 5th Donation (2013): Florence 1,000,000 yen in total
The 6th Donation (2014): Kid's Door 1,200,000 yen in total
The 7th Donation (2015): Civic Force 1,300,000 yen in total
The 8th Donation (2016): NPO After School 1,200,000 yen in total
The 9th Donation (2017): NPO Second Harvest Japan 1,300,000 yen in total

Paid Leave for Employees Involved in Volunteer Activities

The Hulic Group has established paid leave for employees involved in volunteer activities, in order to support and nurture their efforts to give back to the community and help to foster an attitude of wanting to address issues facing society. The volunteer paid leave program is designed to support employees who participate in social contribution activities. Employees are eligible to take up to 20 consecutive days of special paid leave (employees who take part in volunteer activities in disaster-hit areas can take paid leave more than once within 20 days) under the volunteer paid leave program to take part in philanthropic activities that give back to society. To encourage employees to use the volunteer paid leave program, we provide not only information on social contribution activities, but also raise awareness about such activities among employees by disseminating the volunteer experiences of employees with the entire Company through our intranet system. In 2018 we continued satoyama conservation activities, which we have conducted annually since 2009 as a participatory volunteer activity involving our employees, and a total of 22 employees from Hulic, Hulic Insurance Service, Hulic Building Management, Hulic Reit Management and Hulic Proserve have participated in this activity.

Link: Satoyama Conservation Activities by its Employees

Summary of Satoyama Conservation Activities

Objective As Hulic holds many properties in Tokyo, we came up with the idea to protect the precious natural environment left in Tokyo and participated in the Satoyama Conservation Activities.
Summary The company participates in the Tokyo Greenship Action hosted by the Bureau of Environment, Tokyo Metropolitan Government, every year, and engages in various volunteering activities in Yokosawairi in Akiruno City such as the rice harvesting experience, trimming of shrubs and weeds in the skirts of a mountain under the supervision of the NPO called “Yokozawairi tanbo no kai.”
Date October 25, 2018
Number of participants 22


Saeko Saruyama
Real Estate Development Department (Retail)
Hulic Co., Ltd.

My experience participating in Satoyama Volunteer Activities

I participated in the Yokosawairi Satoyama Conservation Activities using the volunteer paid leave program in October 2017. Every year, Hulic employees and their family members participate in the activites. In the morning, we got to experience the process of rice harvesting from reaping and bundling the rice crop to drying rice on racks. We often got stuck in the muddy rice paddy, but were able to harvest lots of rice.
In the afternoon, we caught red swamp crayfish, which are invading and taking over from native crayfish species, with children of Hulic employees.
The Yokosawairi Satoyama Conservation Area is located only about an hour by train from Shinjuku Station, and yet what I saw there was a panorama of unspoiled nature, which you would never expect to see in Tokyo. I wish many people to know that they can take part in Satoyama Conservation Activities, which are fun for everybody, whether children or adults, even in Tokyo.
I will continue getting actively involved in volunteer activities, in an effort to contribute to protecting the natural environment and conserving biodiversity.

Stipend Program for Disaster Recovery Volunteers

The Hulic Group established a program in which a stipend of up to 40,000 yen is provided to its employees to be used for the cost of participating in volunteer activities in support of the Great East Japan Earthquake's reconstruction assistance effort. The number of employees who used this program was 1 in fiscal year 2018 (24 employees have used this program in total since 2011). We hope that this program will be an opportunity for more employees to learn about the situations of disaster areas and become interested in making a difference. To enable us to take prompt responses to various disasters that might occur going forward, in fiscal year 2014 the scope of this program was expanded from the Great East Japan Earthquake reconstruction assistance only to volunteer activities in any disaster-hit areas. In addition, we will continue to encourage participation in these activities by sharing information about the results of volunteer activities and impressions, the situation in disaster-hit areas, and reconstruction assistance tours to all employees through the Company's intranet.

Community Cleanup Activities/Flowerbed Maintenance Activities

Hulic, Hulic Building Management and Hulic Proserve participate in the monthly Machikado Cleanup Day organized by Chuo Ward. Additionally, Hulic Office Service as well as these three other companies take part in Garbage Zero Emission Day, a cleanup activity which is also organized by Chuo Ward. From 2015 to 2018, we also participated in the “Hana Saku Machikado” activity organized by Chuo Ward, where we carried out flowerbed maintenance activities. These activities are gradually establishing themselves as a new space for communication with the local community and other employees while advancing the beautification of the town.

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