Social Contribution as a Company

Fundamental Approach

To fulfill our social responsibilities we work to resolve social problems, leading to the sustained development of the entire society.

《Results in FY2017》

  • Social contribution by the company: 16 items

Policy for Social Contribution Activities

Basic Philosophy

As a good corporate citizen, Hulic proactively and widely pushes ahead with social contribution activities both inside and outside of its business fields. We contribute to the sustained development of the entire society through each activity.

Activity Guidelines

  • Actively work in the three main fields of “local environmental protection,”“ co-existence with local communities,” and“ responses to social needs.”
  • Actively support social contribution activities conducted by each employee.
  • Place an emphasis on securing transparency in implementing activities and promote dialogue and cooperation with society.

Support for Japan Para-Badminton Federation

As part of its social contribution activities, Hulic has concluded an Official Gold Partner Agreement with the Japan Para-Badminton Federation and provided support for para-badminton since 2016. For the purpose of supporting the stable operations of the federation, since September 2017, we have lent the gym of Nishi Kasai Center Building owned by Hulic (Hulic Nishikasai Gym) to the federation at no charge as a practice gym dedicated for players from the Japan Para-Badminton Federation. We have conducted improvement work such as installation of slopes and plumbing so that the players can use the gym more comfortably. We will further expand support for handicapped persons and support the success of para-badminton players as well as respecting human rights and promoting diversity management in which we actively practice diversity.

Announcement of the opening of Hulic Nishikasai Gym in August 2017

Holding the Fifth Hulic Student Ideas Competition on the Theme of “THE OMOTESANDO”

We planned this competition as a real estate company with the aim of providing students with opportunities to propose urban development and construction ideas. For this year's fifth Student Ideas Competition, we solicited free and unconventional ideas as proposals for “THE OMOTESANDO,” a building that represents Omotesando - a building that symbolizes the ages that Omotesando has gone through and people who have gathered in Omotesando — at the corner of the crossing of Omotesando and Aoyama-dori; i.e., the place that can be called the face of Omotesando.
We received 188 entries. At the open second screening, students presented their ideas, followed by a question and answer session with judges. After consultations among judges, one winner of the grand prize, three winners of the excellence award, and six winners of the honorable mention award were selected.

Holding a Summer Festival and Donating a Portable Shrine

In October 2012, Hulic moved its head office to Nihonbashi Odenma-cho. In July 2013, we held the “Hulic Odenma Summer Festival” at the Hulic Head Office Building, partly intending to introduce ourselves to the people in the community. Thanks to the overwhelmingly positive feedback, we decided to continue to hold the 5th Odenma Summer Festival in July 2017. Various people came to the festival, including local children and workers in the neighboring area, thanks to the cooperation of the community association of Odenma-cho-Ninobu. We hope to be able to deepen ties among people in the communities through such activities. In addition, we donated proceeds of 147,950 yen from sales at the festival to a volunteer organization, in addition to the money collected through the ninth matching gift program. Also, as a form of contribution to the local community, we donated a portable shrine to the community association of Odenma-cho-Ninobu, of which Hulic is a member, in May 2017. We are hoping that carrying the portable shrine during the festival will lead to the enhanced liveliness and revitalization of the local community.

Donation of Used Postal Stamps to Developing Countries

Since Hulic Group have a lot of used stamps, we have set up a stamp collection box and are donating stamps every year. We donated about 1,394g of stamps collected over a year to JOICFP (Japanese Organization for International Cooperation in Family Planning) in January 2018. As a large number of used stamps are collected each year, it takes almost two hours to sort stamps even with the cooperation of CSR supporters. The collected used stamps are exchanged for money, and then used to aid JOICFP's activities in protecting lives and health of women, particularly during pregnancy and postpartum in developing countries.

Sponsorship for Great East Japan Earthquake Reconstruction Assistance Activity: ‘Fukushima Fight! Support Group'

As an activity to support the recovery of Fukushima, which was devastated by the Great East Japan Earthquake, we co-sponsored the “Fukushima Fight! Support group” held in Bellesalle Tokyo Nihonbashi by Mainichi Shimbun and Mushu in March 2018. About 650 participants from companies, etc. that embrace the objectives of the event vowed that day for Fukushima’s recovery.

Photo credit: The Mainichi Newspapers

Support for Japan Shogi Association

Hulic has been serving as Special Sponsor of the Kisei Match (promoted by Japan Shogi Association and Sankei Shimbun), as part of its social contribution Mécénat (artistic and cultural support) activities since April 2018. The Kisei Match is a long-established official title match dating back to 1962, in which players compete for the “Kisei” title. The second round of the 89th Hulic Cup Kisei Match (best-of-five match) was held at Grand Nikko Tokyo Daiba on June 16, 2018.
In addition, we co-sponsored the 13th Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Cup Elementary and Junior High School Shogi Group Convention” held from July to August in 2017 and the “Iwate Shogi Festival of the Shogi Professional Players’ Association (Great East Japan Earthquake disaster-stricken area supporting event)” held in September 2017. We also supported Christmas Festa 2017, held in December 2017, by providing a venue. Hulic will step up its efforts to contribute to promoting Shogi as a traditional Japanese cultural activity.

Donations to Japan Red Cross & Community Chest of Tokyo Prefecture (Red Feather Community Chest Movement)

Hulic makes a donation every year to support humanitarian activities of Red Cross. Hulic also makes regular donations to the Japan Red Cross & Community Chest of Tokyo Prefecture (Red Feather Community Chest Movement).

Making the company's nursery facilities available to local residents

Hulic has established onsite nursery facility inside the head office, and has made it partially available to local residents in an effort to contribute to reducing the number of children waiting to get into childcare nursery facilities. For details, please see the following linked page.

Relevant page: Establishment of Hulic’s Onsite Childcare Nursery Facility

Donation to Ashinaga Scholarship Society

The Hulic Group has been making a monthly donation of 500,000 yen to the Ashinaga Scholarship Society since June 2011, and a certain amount of money has also been donated every month to this Scholarship Society from the Company's directors and employees who wish to participate in this initiative in an effort to provide continuous support for the living and schooling of the children who will forge the future of this country by supporting children left as orphans following the Great East Japan Earthquake.
May 2015 was the last month of donations initially agreed upon, but we have decided to continue making these donations for another four years given the fact that continuous support for mental healthcare and other areas is still needed in the disaster-hit areas. Since the outset, 58,028,000 yen in total has been donated by the Company and individuals as of December 2017. In order to keep donators interested after donation, the "Ashinaga Family Tsushin" sent by the Society is introduced on the Company's intranet.

Guest Participation in the Kyoto Architectural School

The Kyoto Architectural School started in 2009. It is an inter-college studio of urban and architectural design. Volunteer teachers and students, mainly from universities and vocational schools in Kyoto, and also from Osaka and Hyogo participate in teams to work on joint exercises on the theme of urban design. Hulic has participated several times since 2013 in study meetings held in Kyoto. As a real estate company, we provide advice to students etc., and conduct joint research.

Establishment of Hulic Scholarship Program for Training of Welfare Caretakers

For the purpose of supporting students aiming to be welfare caretakers, developing human resources engaging in nursing care and contributing to resolution of social issues related to the advancement of an aging society, we have established the Hulic Scholarship Program for Training of Welfare Caretakers, under which we provide non-repayable scholarships. We aim to provide support to address the current status of labor shortages at nursing care sites for the senior business which we promote as one of our focused 3 future growth businesses (3K businesses) (Koreisha (seniors), Kanko (tourism), and Kankyo(environment)) from the CSR point of view.


Mayo Hosono
Chair of the Care and Welfare Faculty
Japan Welfare Education College

Not a few students wishing to enter our school with the objective of getting a qualification give up enrolling or, even if they are accepted, consider withdrawing from school due to financial reasons. In addition, many juggle part-time jobs with studies after entering our school. Our students are grateful to Hulic for the scholarship program which enable them to focus on studying without financial worries. We believe the scholarship program will give the impetus needed by students who have strong motivation to acquire a qualification but have financial concerns.
We are very grateful to Hulic for assisting with the training of certified care workers, who support Japan’s aging society.

Assistance for Research at Kyoto University and Support for Scholarship Program of Kyoto University

We provided assistance for Environmental Studies at Kyoto University and made a donation to a scholarship program for students.
We support development of the next generation through the donation to a scholarship program for students of Kyoto University as well as supporting environmental protection through assisting research at Kyoto University.

The site observation conducted
as part of assistance
for research in February 2018

Support for orphans of cancer, children with cancer and their families

Participating in "Aflac National Associates Society", a network organization consisting of sales agents of medical and life insurances, Hulic Insurance Service Co., Ltd. donates a total of 100,000 yen every year for "Aflac Charitable Trust Scholarship Fund for Cancer Orphans" and activities of Aflac Parents House which are conducted by the Society. We will continue to support patients fighting with cancer and their families through such donations.

Aflac Charitable Trust Scholarship Fund for Cancer Orphans

This is a scholarship program for high school students who have economic difficulties in studying at school due to cancer death of a family member who had mainly earned a living. Over 2,500 students have been supported by this scholarship, with the total amount awarded exceeding 1.5 billion yen (as of the end of August 2017).

Aflac Parents House

This is a comprehensive support center for the purpose of reducing economic and mental burdens on children who have suffered from pediatric cancer and other intractable diseases, and need to be hospitalized and get outpatient treatments for a long time at specialized hospital in Tokyo, as well as their families.

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