Special Feature/Initiatives for Fire-Resistant Wooden Buildings

Since 2018, in response to the Forestry Agency’s promotion of expanded use of wood, one of our initiatives to reduce CO2 emissions, we have been developing fire-resistant wooden buildings using timber that requires less energy for manufacturing and processing.

Advantage of using wood: Reduction of CO2 emissions via the forest cycle

Case Study: Ginza 8-chome Plan (Fire-Resistant Wooden Commercial Building)

We are developing Japan’s first 12-story fire-resistant wooden commercial building in Ginza, one of our focus areas, and construction will be completed around autumn 2021.


    New technology

    • Japan’s first 12-story fire-resistant wooden commercial building
      There have been shorter ones, but this is the first wooden rental building of 11 stories or more.

    Environmental friendliness

    • Timber is also used for the exterior
      We will contribute to the forest cycle by increasing our use of timber.

    Business continuity plan

    • An elevated water tank and a holding tank will be installed, so even in the event of a disaster, tenants will have enough water for drinking and flushing toilets for 72 hours.
    • An emergency generator will be installed to provide 72 hours’ worth of electricity.
    • Considering the location in Ginza, equipment will be installed on upper floors whenever possible to address the risk of high water, and one-meter high vertical damp-proof barriers will be installed.
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