Survey for our Sustainability Website

Thank you for visiting our sustainability webpage. We hope you will find this website useful for understanding our sustainability initiatives and how we can use it to improve and enhance our ESG management. We have positioned this survey as an important tool to communicate with our stakeholders so that we can improve our future sustainability initiatives and related disclosures. We welcome your candid opinions and suggestions.

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Q1:Did you find the information you were looking for on the Sustainability Website?

Q2:How easy was it to browse the Sustainability Website?


Q3:Content read on the Sustainability Website

Q4:Content you would like to learn more of on the Sustainability Website

Q5:Have you read the Hulic Integrated Report?

If yes, please provide your opinion and/or feedback.

Q6:Please tell us what you think about Hulic’s sustainability initiatives and where we can improve them.

Q7:What do you expect from Hulic going forward?

Q8:Please tell us about yourself.

From which perspective did you visit the Sustainability Website?
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