Initiatives for Customers

Fundamental Approach

We are constantly working to generate new added value by offering properties that are superior in terms of safety, environmental performance, and convenience.
In addition, we have established various emergency and disaster scenarios, for which we have created measures to improve the structural performance of our buildings, as well as operational and management aspects of buildings.

《Results in FY2020》

100% Properties Meeting Hulic's Earthquake-resistance Standards

Customer satisfaction: 96.4%

Thorough Implementation of an Earthquake Resistance Diagnosis and Seismic Reinforcement

Hulic considers the countermeasures for earthquake are one of the top priorities for a real estate developer in Japan as it is one of the countries where earthquakes most frequently occur. To ensure continuity for our customers and our business operations in the buildings we provide—so that tenants can conduct social activities with peace of mind—we have established in-house earthquake resistance standards. Our earthquake-resistance standards ensure building performance that can safeguard human life and enable continued use of the building with post-earthquake repair in the event of an earthquake with a seismic intensity of seven. Our standards, stricter than those in the Building Standards Act, are adopted for all the buildings we develop and reconstruct, including offices, commercial facilities, hotels, Japanese-style inns, residential homes, and others.
Furthermore, we plan to develop another 100+ properties with the in-house eathquake resistance standards during the current Medium- and Long-Term Management Plan which ends in 2029. Along with environmentally friendly features including net zero CO2 emissions, we aim to provide safety and peace of mind to our customers by securing earthquake resistance of our properties.

Earthquake Resistance Diagnosis, Reinforcement Works, and Confirmation of Validity of Structural Calculation

We diagnosed the earthquake resistance of all our properties that were built before the new earthquake resistance standards were established in the Building Standards Act revised in 1981, and all buildings that did not meet the standards were seismically reinforced.

Seismic reinforcement
using steel brace
(Takagicho Center Building)

Proactive Adoption of Earthquake-absorbing and Earthquake-damping Structures

In order to protect human life and functions of facilities from large scale earthquakes, we have imposed high seismic capacity on newly constructed buildings. With the aim of protecting customers' lives and contributing to business continuity, we have proactively adopted an earthquake-absorbing or earthquake-damping structure which is effective at ensuring a high seismic capacity, in addition to other methods to improve the seismic capacity.

Earthquake-absorbing equipment

Earthquake-absorbing Structures

By isolating the building from the ground with a mechanism called an isolator, seismic energy is absorbed to reduce the intensity of shaking to 10%-50% compared to other general earthquake-resistant structures as a general building structure. Another feature of this structure is that how a building shakes during an earthquake does not differ significantly between upper floors and lower floors of the building. We actively introduce this structure to office buildings.

Earthquake-damping Structures

With earthquake-damping materials installed inside the building, internal seismic energy is absorbed to reduce the intensity of shaking from half to one thirds compared with other general earthquake-resistant structures. In addition to the case of increasing the safety further by combining this with a earthquake-absorbing structure, we preferentially employ the earthquake-damping structure in the case that the earthquake-absorbing structure is physically unavailable due to constraints including land contours. Hulic has incorporated this method in many properties. Hulic uses this method not only in offices but also in hotels and commercial buildings.

Liquefaction Countermeasures

After the Great East Japan Earthquake, extensive regions including coastal areas in Tokyo suffered from liquefaction, which caused damage such as buildings leaning over and sinking. According to the liquefaction map issued by the government, it was found that eight buildings owned by the Company were located on ground with possible liquefaction. However we concluded that these buildings were not significantly affected by liquefaction due to the fact that the planning of appropriate building foundations befitting the sites.

Measures against Water Damage

When electric facilities are damaged by floodwater, the supply of power, which is essential for the use of a building, can stop for an extended period. We investigate the status of buildings with power receiving and transforming equipment and private power generators that are installed in floors expected to be submerged in a flood, and examine application of flood control measures to take necessary measures as needed in preparation for localized heavy rains caused by climate change and tsunamis caused by earthquakes.

Efforts toward the Improvement of Customer Satisfaction

As office buildings, stores, and residences owned by Hulic serve as the infrastructure for customer's social activities, we are aiming to constantly improve their quality under the philosophy of providing customers safety, peace of mind and convenience.
In order to satisfy all customers using buildings including tenants and visitors to the buildings, we thoroughly stick to meticulous quality control, careful maintenance, and security to protect assets.
Depending on the application and scale, Hulic buildings are constructed with barrier-free designs to provide safety, peace of mind and convenience for everyone.

Customer Satisfaction Survey

We conduct an annual customer satisfaction survey for tenants of Hulic’s properties. Survey items include matters concerning building hardware and software, and things customers have noticed while using our buildings on a daily basis. We carefully go over the customer responses, and then take steps to identify customer needs and make improvements accordingly. In the survey 60conducted in 2020, we continued to receive high ratings with a satisfaction level of 96.4% (in 2019, 98.1%). We believe the results has mainly reflects our planned facility reinforcement and quick response to the matters requested by customers. Furthermore, the persons in charge responded or replied to customers' requests and opinions after the survey.

Initiatives for Providing Healthy and Comfortable Spaces

Systematic Implementation of Preventive Maintenance of Buildings and Facilities

We systematically renovate and upgrade buildings and facilities every year, including statutory improvements to buildings and facilities, proactive renovations to ensure energy-saving/up-to-date facilities, and implementing extensive preventative maintenance work before defects occur in buildings and facilities, with the aim of providing a safe, secure, and comfortable work environment for tenants.

Collaborating and Cooperating with Business Partners during and after Disasters

In the event of a disaster, we have introduced an Internet- based safety confirmation system for swift confirmation of the state and to share information with building management companies. We also concluded contingency agreements with the construction company of building concerning restoration and recovery, enabling collaboration and cooperation in the event of a disaster.

Introduction of an Indoor Air Quality Improvement System using Composite Ceramic Functional Materials

Hulic is working to improve indoor air environments and to promote the adoption of technologies from Shinshu Ceramics Co., Ltd., a company with unique technologies. HEPA filters incorporating Shinshu Ceramics' proprietary earthplus™ material adsorb 99.9% of and decompose bacteria and virus particles floating in indoor air. To prevent the spread of infectious diseases in facilities for seniors, we have combined HEPA filter units using earthplus™ material with humidifiers that optimally maintain indoor humidity when using indoor heating. The goal is to develop a new indoor air improvement system that can be installed in ceilings, which we plan to integrate into a nursing home currently under construction. In the future, we will promote using these units in our development projects, with the aim of realizing facilities that give more consideration to the health of residents.

Holding Regular Management Status Reporting Meetings with Property Management Companies

Hulic regularly holds property management status reporting meetings with property management companies to check the implementation status of management work, including complying with laws and regulations, and receive reports on various problems related to buildings, including the results of measures to fix defects that have occurred in buildings. In this way, we are promoting the maintenance and improvement of quality, as well as unifying the quality of overall property management and operation services.

Management status reporting
meeting with property
management companies

Quality Evaluation for Management Companies

Each year, Hulic evaluates the implementation status of management work and provides property management companies with feedback to improve and standardize the quality of their work.
We use the results of evaluations as information to decide whether to continue to entrust management work with the current property management companies in accordance with the rules for real estate outsourcing management.

<Specific primary evaluation items>

  • -Confirm to check if maintenance work for buildings and facilities, including complying with legal requirements applicable to buildings, has been performed systematically and thoroughly without omissions as stipulated in the contract.
  • -Confirm the status of legal compliance, including the status of renewing the verification due date of measuring instruments, etc. and submission of mandatory inspection results reports to the relevant regulatory authorities.
  • -Confirm that defects occurring unexpectedly, including those pointed out during the legal inspection, have been fixed without delay.

Responsible Marketing

Hulic has set out the principle of “treating clients faithfully and kindly, listening to their requests with sincerity and providing sophisticated, efficient, and high-quality services” in the Basic Principles of Corporate Conduct and endeavors to build positive relationships with clients. In addition, we obtain the necessary permits and licenses for conducting business operations and comply with matters stipulated by various business laws and regulations.
With regard to important company information, we aim to disclose information with accuracy based on the facts, and in a way that is easy to understand in accordance with the rules for disclosure control. Furthermore, we disseminate information through various media by creating a company website, publishing press releases in a timely manner, and setting up signboards at train stations, with the aim of fostering a feeling of familiarity with our company widely among the public.

Promoting Future Growth Businesses toward Resolving Social Issues

Hulic views social issues as business opportunities and works together with stakeholders to resolve them. We do this as a Company that grows with society, and that realizes the creation of new value and the resolution of social issues. In addition to businesses related to senior citizens, tourism, and the environment, we are engaged in agribusiness, children’s education, and Bizflex (flexible office spaces).


Shibuya PARCO·Hulic Building received Good Design Best 100 Award for fiscal 2020 (issued by Japan Institute of Design Promotion)

Shibuya PARCO·Hulic Building, a shared ownership building completed in October 2019, was redeveloped making use of the Special Zone for Urban Regeneration System. Hulic owns the office part of the building. The three-dimensional street that runs around the outside of the building has been highly praised for creating an experience akin to walking around the city, etc., even though it is only part of a building. This resulted in the building receiving a Good Design Best 100 award in fiscal 2020.

Hulic JP Akasaka Building received highest rank of “S” in CASBEE-Wellness Office* certification (issued by Institute for Building Environment and Energy Conservation)

Hulic JP Akasaka Building, jointly developed by Hulic and Japan Post Real Estate Co., Ltd., was completed in November 2020. Based on the concept of “a wellness space for working people,” we focused on creating a better working environment for office workers. The building uses plentiful natural materials and has a facade of greenery walls, a rooftop garden as a space to rest and relax, and wooden benches and wooden shelves arranged in a spacious 3.8 meter-high entrance hall complete with a full wooden ceiling.

  • *Comprehensive Assessment System for Built Environment Efficiency (CASBEE) assesses the specifications, performance, and initiatives of buildings that support the health and comfort of building users, factors that contribute to intellectual productivity improvement, and the performance of safety and security.
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