Human Capital Management

Fundamental Approach

We aim to create robust and highly productive organization through talent development and management.

《Results in FY2020》

  • Number of additionally obtained qualifications by employees:29

Initiatives to Create a Highly Productive Organization

Hulic is made up of a small group of elite professionals and this is one of our strengths. Our Ordinary Income per employee is over JPY500 million. We believe that this figure reflected our status as top-notch among the listed companies in Japan boasting excellent productivity. To ensure we remain a group of professionals, we place particular emphasis on human resources development. We have been encouraging employees to obtain qualifications, and the list of our professional staff included first-class architects, real estate appraisers, lawyers, certified accountant and others.
In order to create a highly productive organization, we place priority to unbiased talent acquisition, enhance next-generation nurturing support systems and welfare programs, embrace diversity and work style reform, and advance health and productivity management in addition to talent development.

Initiatives to Create a Small Group of Elite Professionals

Improving Talent Development Programs

Hulic considers talent development to be a top priority that should be approached with a long-term perspective in a planned manner. The managers and the Company strongly support employees in their efforts in further developing skill-sets and gaining qualifications by sharing the common view on professional development.
In addition, we are creating motivating work environment to employees to boost motivation including posting new hires to on-the-job training and providing employees with opportunities so that they can constantly develop new business ideas and take on challenges. We have introduced an “elective training” system that allows employees in their second to third years to select what training to take from FY2021.

Providing High Level of Fringe Benefits

Since Hulic maintains a small workforce of elite professionals, we believe that it is important to give back to stakeholders, including employees, as the Company grows. This commitment to giving back to employees drives further growth for the Company in what we see as a positive cycle.

Promoting Internal Communication / Sharing Corporate Philosophy

Hulic has a small workforce, which enables a distinctively close distance between each employee, as well as between top management and employees, making it easy to communicate within the Company.

Specific methods for communication include:

  • President's Message
    The president communicates company-wide developments in a message sent out to all employees every month.
    This allows us to understand company philosophy and developments throughout the Company.
  • Top Seminar
    Social gatherings with the president are held once a month for approx. 10 employees under the age of 40.
  • President Survey
    We conduct a survey twice a year that allows all employees to share their thoughts directly with the president.The President provides responses to the various opinions delivered by employees who completed the online questionnaires.
    Information from questionnaires on various businesses and in-house systems have been incorporated into management decision-making and used to make improvements.
  • Career Development Interviews
    Supervisors regularly conduct interviews with employees to confirm their goals and expected roles, and to evaluate performance.
  • Infomation is provided on the Company intranet, as needed

Survey of Participant Satisfaction with Internal Training Programs

We are conducting a survey of participants in English conversation classes and new graduates to improve the content of our training. At the end of each training session, participants are asked to rate the content of the training and instructor satisfaction on a five-point scale and to provide feedback on suggestions for improvement. We are also working to improve the content of the training based on the opinions of the participants gathered.

Providing Internship Program

We provide an internship program for undergraduate and graduate students at the Head Office Building (or online), intended for understanding of the real estate industry. We offer a program where the participants can learn about the real estate business and our identity through acquiring knowledge of real estate developer’s affairs and verifying projects. 60 students participated in FY2020.

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