Real estate leasing business

Hulic owns a large number of office and commercial buildings located near train stations mainly in Tokyo's 23 wards. Businesses related to these real estate assets are the company's core businesses.

Other real estate-related businesses

Hulic develops real estate by drawing on the expertise built up over many years.
Hulic launched several new businesses in recent years, including a public-private partnership (PPP) business and a corporate real estate (CRE) business.

3 future growth businesses*
(senior citizen-, tourism-, and environment- related businesses)

Hulic has been cultivating and strengthening three new business domains in response to various trends in Japan. Specifically, it is offering services for senior citizens against the backdrop of the country's aging population, operating hotels and ryokans for the growing number of international tourists, and providing environment-related services to help deal with increasingly serious environmental problems.

* On the back of increasing dual-income household and educational expenses of each household thanks to child-rearing support measures, Hulic plans to start business related education for children as a new business domain.

Main properties

Hulic's competitive advantages

While retaining leasing as its main business focus, Hulic also promotes its related businesses.

  • About 85% of buildings located in the high-demand Tokyo metropolitan area

    Among all buildings owned by Hulic*, about 85% are located in the Tokyo metropolis—an area of high demand—and are mainly concentrated in the city center.
    Data is as of December 31, 2020
    *Excluding properties for sale

  • About 80% of buildings* within a 5-minute walk from nearest station

    Convenient access is a major advantage of Hulic's buildings.
    Data is as of December 31, 2020
    *Based on the total number of properties in the portfolio

  • Consistently low vacancy rates

    The average vacancy rate of Hulic's office buildings etc. in Tokyo 23 wards is consistently below 1%—ensuring stable earnings.
    *1 Data is as of December 31, 2020
    *2 Hulic vacancy rate : vacancy rate of office , commercial and hotel facilites etc. in TOKYO 23 wards
    According to MIKI SHOJI's “Office Data by Regions” (Tokyo Business District office buildings with a standard floor area of at least 330 square meters)

  • Safe and earthquake-resistant buildings

    All buildings owned by Hulic have been seismically reinforced to levels surpassing Japan's new earthquake resistance standards, and the latest quake-absorbing, quake-damping, and quake-resistance technologies are adopted for new buildings depending on the site.

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