Stakeholder Engagements

We are committed to realizing a sustainable society by delivering environmental, social and economic value through interactive Engagements with stakeholders. Stakeholders who are particularly important for our sustainable growth and relevant materiality issues are indicated below.

Materiality Assessment

Our materiality assessment process is indicated below. We will continue to review the identified materiality issues and implement effective initiatives and actions.

Materiality Matrix

We mapped issues of importance to Hulic and to our stakeholders, identifying high priority issues as materiality.

Identifying Materiality

We classified materiality by their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors

(E) Environment-related issues
  • Actions for climate change
  • Efficient use of resources
  • Promotion of the ecosystem protection and restoration
  • Enhancement of environmental management system
(S) Social issues
  • Provision of safe and secure lifestyles
  • Provision of healthy and comfortable lifestyles
  • Coexistence with business partners / local communities
  • Response to aging society
  • Response to increasing number of tourists
  • Striking a work-life balance and advancement of talent development
  • Advancement of diversity & inclusion and respect for human rights
  • Practicing sustainable agriculture
(E) Corporate Governance related issues
  • Corporate governance and compliance
  • Response to changes in financial and real estate markets
  • Business continuity plans (BCPs)
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