Realization of a Recycling-oriented Society

Fundamental Approach

We formulated our Long-term Vision for the Environment which states that we execute environmentally friendly management to realize an ideal society of carbon-free and recycling-oriented society in 2050. As a real estate developer, we believe that Hulic can offer value to society by putting our environmental effort into reducing CO2 emissions, using resources efficiently, and reducing waste.
We are actively working to reduce waste disposal and water consumption in cooperation with our customers (tenants) and business partners for realization of recycling society. When developing and reconstructing buildings, we endeavor to reduce environmental impacts by promoting the 3R (reduce, reuse, and recycle) through the adoption of Longer Life Building designs that enable to reduce waste significantly and use resources effectively.

《Results in FY2020》

Percentage of technical measures (such as longer life design, etc.)* applied to reduce construction waste: 100 % each year

  • *The percentage of properties completed in the given year that used technologies and measures that contributed to a reduction in waste as well as raw materials and other resources based on the Hulic Guidelines for Longer Life.

Link:Roadmap of Initiatives for Achieving the Vision

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