Initiatives for Anti-corruption

Hulic prohibits any act or suspicious act that leads to corruption with business partners, including public agencies such as the government and local government. We also strictly prohibit any bribery and clearly define prohibited activities specifically that lead to corruption and bribery in the section prohibit bribery, and rules concerning gifts and entertainments of the Compliance Manual. In addition, we conduct compliance training for all employees as appropriate to build their awareness on prohibited activities such as giving gifts to public officials and excessive entertainment and make sure that our employees are communicated of Hulic's policy on prohibition of corruption and bribery.

Moreover, twice a year, we monitor whether each department is appropriately receiving business entertainment and gifts, and confirm no bribery is accepted or received, and then identifies and assesses the associated risks. In case of doubt, anyone can make a report to the Compliance Hotline. Once received, all reports are handled swiftly and appropriately.

《FY2020 Results》

  • Political contributions: none
  • Expenses for corruption related fines, penalties or legal settlements: none
  • Number of employee reprimands or dismissals due to actual or suspected corruption: none
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