3 Future growth businesses —Senior citizen-related business

3 Future growth businesses — Business for senior citizens

Demand for nursing care and medical services are projected to grow in Japan due to the aging of the country’s population. Hulic is proactively developing nursing homes, hospitals, and columbarium facilities.

Hulic’s senior citizen-related business

1. Nursing homes

Development and Investment in Nursing Homes

The Hulic Group owns some of the highest quality nursing homes in Asia. As of December 31, 2019, the Group owned 3,400 units in total, and also leases properties to leading nursing home operators on a long-term basis.

2. Hospitals and healthcare facilities

Meeting the needs of hospital operators through our corporate real estate (CRE) business

Hulic can develop clinics or hospitals, own them, and lease them to hospital operators for short- to long-term periods depending on the financial needs of the operators. In its first project, Hulic developed a new hospital in the city of Sapporo in partnership with Capital Medica Co., Ltd., and owned the building. Hulic continued owning the building until the hospital’s operations stabilize, and sold it back when the hospital was capable of raising enough funds. (1st project : completed; already sold)
As a second project for its CRE business, Hulic is currently exploring possibilities with a major hospital operator in Japan’s Kansai region.
In addition, Hulic was involved in a project to establish a primary care center (PCC) comprising a medical clinic and pharmacy in the city of Musashino, Tokyo. Building on this experience, the company is now involved in the development of next-generation healthcare facilities.

  • Shin-Sapporo Houwa Hospital
  • Iseikai International Hospital project

3. Business related to inheritance

Tax-saving investment by seniors & CRE business for temples

Hulic works to buy and sell assets as measures for alleviating the inheritance tax burden of their clients. In addition, Hulic has developed columbarium facilities in partnership with the operator of Ichigyo-in Temple in Tokyo.

  • A building owned by the operator of Ichigyo-in Temple

4. Development of senior citizen facilities

Providing services for active senior citizens

As the number of active senior citizens continues to grow in Japan, Hulic has been developing exclusive membership-only club for senior citizens, as well as nursing homes in urban areas.

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