Corporate Real Estate (CRE) Business

Through its corporate real estate business, Hulic support companies to more effectively utilize the real estate they own, thereby increasing their corporate value.

Based on its abundant real estate business experience, Hulic offers optimized solutions for clients.

Examples of solutions

(※Examples described below are only some examples)

  • Sale and leaseback

    To enable an off-balance-sheet transfer of real estate owned by a client, Hulic can buy the real estate and then lease it back to the client. Hulic also has an extensive track record in leasing back land.

  • Reconstruction support as a development agent and construction manager

    Hulic can manage the reconstruction and leasing of a client’s building on behalf of the client.

  • Joint development and investment

    Hulic can alleviate a client's property-related risks and funding burden by jointly developing and jointly investing in projects. Hulic can also handle investments using special-purpose companies etc.

  • Backing for increasing value

    By carrying out renovations and other enhancements, Hulic can help add value to aging buildings or properties that no longer comply with building regulations.

  • Land leasing

    For clients that want to avoid the risks and hassles involved in building ownership, or want to secure stable returns from their property, Hulic can lease the land and make the land lease payments.

  • Warehousing

    To help a client during the complicated process of a property acquisition, Hulic can acquire the real estate in advance for the client and hold it until the client is able to make the acquisition.


Hulic Fukasawa (Nippon Sport Science University)


Hulic leases the land for 60 years from Nippon Sport Science University and redevelop the former student dormitory space to the complex of nursing home and clinic.

Development of “Ginza Capital Hotel Moegi”


In respond to the demand of opening a new hotel, Hulic acquired the site and developed Ginza capital Hotel Moegi.
It is master-leased to HATO BUS CO., LTD.

Hulic Hall Tokyo (Ginza)

Convert old movie theater into multi-purpose Hall (Hulic Hall Business).

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