Value-Added Real Estate Development Business

Value-added real estate development business

Hulic aims to maximize property value by renewal, renovation, and conversion of properties (holding acquired or purchased/invested) in order to bring out the maximum value of buildings.

Hulic’s strategies for adding value to real estate

Hulic aims to maximize property value by realizing the inherent potential of each real estate property. To carry out its strategies for adding value, Hulic draws on its expertise in providing solutions and its extensive track record in real estate development projects in the Tokyo metropolitan area.

What value is added?

Results of strategies for adding value

  • Maximization of each real estate property’s potential
  • Buildings designed and refurbished to meet needs
  • Incorporation of new business schemes
  • Reconstruction for compliance with the latest building regulations

Since the potential of a building’s location changes with the times, many buildings have difficulty maintaining their original value at the time of construction completion. Upgrading the functions of a building through interior renovations and equipment replacement can restore a building’s value to the same level as when it was first built. Even more, the value added renovation makes it the value in those ways realizes the building’s potential, maximizes real estate value, and also recover properties locational demand and equipment value.

Some cases of Value-added business

1.Renovation, Renewal

Renewal of old-fashioned design and structure to fit for the market and the times to provide attractive, comfortable space for customers.

Hulic kasai Rinkai Building


Changing the use application and building structure to fit for the times by using the existing skelton structure.


3.Improving legality and earthquake resistance

Improving legality and earthquake resistance to regenerate the properties which meet the needs of the times.

  • Hulic Wall Building

  • Hulic Ginza 7 Chome Building

  • Hulic Shibuya Udagawacho Building

  • Hulic Asakusa 1-chome

4.Changing the operator, tenants

Adding the value to the properties by changing the operators or tenants which are considered to be better for our customer target.

Grand Nikko Tokyo Daiba

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