Hulic’s innovation

The key to growth: Carefully selected properties concentrated in prime locations

Over 70% of the buildings owned by Hulic (excluding residential buildings) are located in the 23 wards of Tokyo. Indeed, one of Hulic’s competitive advantages is its ownership of numerous properties in prime locations of Tokyo, which enjoys high demand for buildings and a steady population influx.
In recent years, Hulic has also been developing and investing in the Kansai region, which includes Kyoto and Osaka, where it limits properties to commercial facilities, hotels, and other real estate related to tourism situated in the busiest areas.
Rather than targeting large-scale buildings, Hulic develops and invests in medium-size office buildings and commercial buildings that attract a wide range of tenants and have few competitors. As a matter of policy, the company does not focus on developing condominiums or investing in properties outside Japan in consideration of population trends and business risks.

Overview of Hulic’s strategy of carefully selecting properties concentrated in prime locations

Distribution of properties by area (excluding residential buildings)

Three future growth businesses

Japan has been dealing with various issues in recent years, including the aging of its population, growing numbers of foreign tourists, and increasingly serious environmental problems. Accordingly, Hulic has positioned its senior citizen-related business, tourism-related business, and environment-related business as three future growth business areas to focus on going forward. Specifically, Hulic is working to respond to growing demand for nursing care and medical facilities as the country’s population ages, as well as rising demand from tourists—both visitors from abroad and domestic travelers, which are largely senior citizens. Moreover, the company is helping make buildings more environmentally friendly, which is a growing need around the world. Looking ahead, Hulic intends to proactively promote projects in these three future growth business areas.

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