Earnings forecast

Future Prospects

As for FY2020, while the Japanese economy is expected to recover modestly led by capital investment and domestic demand, the outlook for the global economy is not optimistic due to uncertainties including concerns about the future stemming from the trade friction between US and China and other factors.
Looking at the environment for the real estate business surrounding the Company, in the investment market for income properties, vigorous investments by real estate investors at home and abroad are expected to continue against a backdrop of low interest rates, and in the rental office market, vacancy rates, particularly in inner-city areas, are anticipated to remain stable at a low level due mainly to demand for active increase and expansion of floor space from companies.
In these circumstances, focusing on a further growth strategy, the Group will formulate a new Medium-term Management Plan that will be launched in FY2020 and end in FY2029; pursue management with emphasis on the evolution of business models and the reconstruction of rental portfolios, reinforcement of the development business and the value-added business, creation of new distinctive business domains and improvement of the Group’s capabilities, strengthening of the management base and strict risk control, and sustainability to seek co-creation and coexistence of the society and companies; and evolve into a business group which achieves sustainable increases in corporate value through evolution that flexibly responds to environmental changes under the slogan of “Change” and “Speed.”
The forecasts of consolidated business results for FY2020 (the fiscal year ending December 31, 2020) are planned as follows:

(Million yen)

  Operating income Ordinary income (Recurring Income) Profit attributable to owners of parent
Full fiscal year 100,000 92,000 62,000

The forecasts of business results contained in these materials reflect analysis results and judgments based on the information available as of the date of announcement of these materials. In no way do these statements provide any assurance by the Company of achieving such results. Actual business results may vary due to changes in the operating environment, among other factors.

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