Earnings forecast

Future Prospects

As for FY2021, the Japanese economy is expected to remain uncertain with a certain level of ongoing constraint on corporate activities and consumer activities until the COVID-19 vaccinations and other treatment drugs become widespread.
Looking at the environment for the real estate business surrounding the Company, although the competitive environment could potentially change in terms of location conditions, etc. due to certain changes in working styles and lifestyles, the investment market for income properties is expected to continue to see lively investment from real estate investors from both Japan and overseas against a backdrop of low interest rates.
In these circumstances, focusing on a further growth strategy, the Group will work towards becoming a corporate group that realizes sustainable improvement in corporate value through taking a flexible approach to environmental changes. We will base those efforts on the slogan of “Change” and “Speed” under the Medium- to Long-Term Management Plan that commenced in FY2020, which aims to evolve business models, reconstruct the leasing portfolio, make the redevelopment business and value-added business more robust, in addition to creating new, distinctive business fields and strengthening the Group’s combined capabilities while implementing a sustainability-focused management that fosters a spirit of co-creation and co-existence between the Group and society and placing utmost importance on strengthening the management base and enhancing risk management.
For FY2021 (the fiscal year ending December 31, 2021), the Group forecasts the following consolidated financial results and financial position.
If the effect from the spread of COVID-19 deepens, and it becomes necessary to revise the financial results forecasts, the Group will make such announcement as soon as possible.

(Million yen)

  Operating income Ordinary income (Recurring Income) Profit attributable to owners of parent
Full fiscal year 110,000 100,000 65,000

The forecasts of business results contained in these materials reflect analysis results and judgments based on the information available as of the date of announcement of these materials. In no way do these statements provide any assurance by the Company of achieving such results. Actual business results may vary due to changes in the operating environment, among other factors.

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