Earnings forecast

Future Prospects

Although the Company expects the economic environment in FY2018 to remain generally firm due to the support of the government’s economic policies, the outlook remains uncertain due to such factors as geographical risk of North Korea and the policy trends of the new U.S. administration. Furthermore, the outlook for the environment surrounding the real estate sector does not necessarily give grounds for optimism, despite such improvements as falling vacancy rates.
In these circumstances, the Group will pursue its business operations with unchanged vigilance. Based on the new
Medium-term Management Plan (FY2018–FY2020) formulated to take an even greater leap forward, the Group will ensure the reinforcement of its business platform by such means as strengthening its core business of real estate leasing operations; making progress on steady reconstruction and development; promoting the Value-Added Real Estate Businesses; deepening its involvement in the senior, tourism, and environmental businesses; and cultivating new business fields. The forecasts of consolidated business results for FY2019 (the fiscal year ending December 31, 2019) is as below.

(Million yen)

  Operating income Ordinary income (Recurring Income) Profit attributable to owners of parent
Full fiscal year 85,000 80,000 54,500

The forecasts of business results contained in these materials reflect analysis results and judgments based on the information available as of the date of announcement of these materials. In no way do these statements provide any assurance by the Company of achieving such results. Actual business results may vary due to changes in the operating environment, among other factors.

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